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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Services

Gleneagles Hospitals medini boasts Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services managed by Pantai Integrated Rehab Services. Wholly owned by Pantai Holdings Berhad, this service is only applicable for admission and day care.

In order to promote wellness, Pantai Integrated Rehab provides all of our clients with a comprehensive physiotherapy and rehabilitation services. Our centres are fully equipped with state-of-the-art rehabilitative equipment and provides a wide variety of professional services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy as well a specialised exercise instruction and integrated rehabilitation.

Our main goal at Gleneagles Hospitals Medini is to make flexible multidisciplinary allied-health services easily accessible to all our clients, ensuring the help they need in regaining their physical, occupational, language or social levels of activity aiming to resume normal daily life and to regain their level of independence.


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