Degenerative Spine Conditions

Degenerative Spine Conditions


Degenerative Spine Conditions include wear and tear to the discs, bones, and joints, over a duration of time, this offten occurs in people who are older. Essentially, there will be an amount of pressure that the spine and nerves that needs more support, these symptoms might include:

- Bony spurring (Osteophytes)

- Decreased disc height

- Loss of joint cartilage

- Thickening of bone



Physiotherapy treatment for individuals that have spinal degeneration, this helps to alleviate pain, improve flexibility and strength to get the most out of the results. This might include:

- A back brace or back taping

- Activity modification advice

- Dry needling

- Electrotherapy (ultrasound)

- Exercises to improve flexibility, strength, and core stability

- Hydrotherapy

- Ice or heat treatment

- Mobilisation

- Pilates

- Soft tissue massage

- Traction

- Walking aids

Degenerative Spine Conditions are more common in those individuals who have previous lower back pain or spine trauma. Also, those who carry out a routine with a lot of heavy-duty lifting, bending, twisting, or sitting activities

Minimal degeneration might cause little or no symptoms. Over time, this condition can progress and you might experience:

- General lower back stiffness

- Loss of spinal movement

- Lower back pain

With more chronic degeneration that has spinal cord or nerve compression, you might experience:

- Pain

- Pins and needles

- Weakness or numbness in the lower back, buttocks, groin, legs, or feet

Symptoms might worsen during activities that are repetitive or with heavy lifting, and long periods of standing or walking. These signs or symptoms can be alleviated during sitting or lying down, as there is less pressure and weight on the spine.

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