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Pain around the abdomen area

Jan 15, 2024, 09:37 PM
Dear doctors,

The recent last two pains I remembered that it started from the right lower abdomen after defecation, and then slowly extended to the lower middle abdomen. It was like a lump of air that couldn't be released. It would get better after the a fart. But the most recent on, the mentioned symptom soothes after a period of time even there is no fart.

And I found that if I sat on a car-like sofa or a concave chair, the pain would be soothed as well.
This symptom occurs occasionally and has become more frequent recently.

Please let me know what is the issue with my body, is it necessary for me to visit the hospital for a detailed scanning and please let me know the estimated price.

Thank you.



Thank you for your interest in Gleneagles Hospital. For more information on abdominal pain, please visit: Abdominal Pain - Gleneagles Gastroenterology

If you wish to consult with a specialist, you can find one here: Gastroenterology Specialists

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