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World Patient Safety Day


Dr. Kamal Amzan (centre), CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor with consultants and staff members of the hospital

Orange Hue Covers The Hospital's Building In The Spirit Of Solidarity For World Patient Safety Day 2023

ISKANDAR PUTERI, Malaysia, Sept 25 -- In conjunction with World Patient Safety Day 2023, Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor (GHMJ) observed the public health day on September 18, 2023, with a celebration attended by both consultants and staff of the hospital. The convene extends the hospital's vision towards sustaining safe healthcare alongside achieving the primary objectives of this year’s celebration which are to foster awareness and engage stakeholders in recognizing the crucial significance of collaborative work in patient’s safety, given their active involvement in patient care.

The event commenced with an upbeat Zumba session at the main entrance of the hospital. Following that, GHMJ's team gathered for a human formation, creating the letters 'P,' 'S,' and 'D' as an abbreviation for 'Patient Safety Day,' all while holding orange umbrellas that had lights to glow in the evening. The choice of orange symbolizes the crucial role of patient safety in the nation's pursuit of universal health coverage, and the illuminated umbrellas serve as a metaphor for the responsibility healthcare professionals bear in offering protection and shelter to patients, safeguarding them from harm.

GHMJ also joined the rest of the world as the orange light illuminated the hospital’s facade in heeding the World Health Organizations’ call to light up any landmarks with the hue. Through this demonstration it accentuated the need of patient and family involvement for safer care.

“As a single hospital, the impact is limited but when we join forces, we can move mountains. We stand with other IHH facilities across the country to ensure our treatments are efficient, timely and the processes are lenient, for those who matter most to us – our patients” said CEO, Dr. Kamal Amzan in his opening remarks. He highlighted that it takes mutual effort from various parties in the enlightenment of patient safety and providing exceptional healthcare benefits for them.

GHMJ envisions a future where joint cooperation can be achieved among healthcare professionals, staff, patients, and caretakers to raise the benchmark in medical care excellence. At the official inauguration of World Patient Safety Day, organized by the hospital, Dr. Kamal Amzan, CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor, was joined by Tan Sri Mohammed Azlan Hashim, Chairman of IHH Healthcare, and Mr. Jean-François Naa, CEO of IHH Healthcare Malaysia as well as the hospital staff demonstrated their dedication by signing on the pledge board, further marking their persistence to put a spotlight on patient well-being as a fundamental aspect in centralizing a patient-centric wellness service. There are also engaging activities planned for the annual campaign such as pledge board exhibition, and a pitch and pledge contest.

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