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Application form for Medical Physicist

  • Master of Science in Medical Physics
  • Preferably 2 to 5 years working experience as clinical medical physicist in Radiotherapy
  • Treatment Planning
  • To perform treatment planning dose calculation for patient being prescribed for radiotherapy treatment
  • Experienced in conformal, IMRT/VMAT planning treatment planning skills will be advantages
  • To work closely with clinical oncologist and radiation therapist to ensure effective treatment planning and delivery of radiotherapy treatment
  1. Equipment Maintenance
    • To supervise the maintenance and quality assurance for treatment machine and associated radiation device as required
    • To be responsible for accuracy in calibration and the reliable operation of dosimetry equipment
    • Responsible for acceptance testing, commissioning and beam data collection of new machines
  2. Radiation Safety
    • Provide radiation protection service for the Radiotherapy department
    • To responsible in radiation protection program


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