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Clubfoot is a condiion where the forefront, the section where foot is joined to the lower leg bone is abnormally twisted associated to the lower leg bone that is ponting inward and downwar. This can develop in either one or both feet. This condition is also known as Congenital Talipes Equino Varus.

The two types of Clubfoot are:

- Postural Clubfoot that includes muscle imbalance and/or tightness, however there is eseentially no bone or joint involvement.

- Structural Clubfoot that includes the bone and joints of the foot, where the child's foot is unable to go through the full spectrum of movements


The two causes of Clubfoot are:

Related to relatives with a family history (genetics) and Intra-Uterine positioning - Severe cases can be because of an issue with the spinal cord

This is common after the birth of your child when the feet are turned inwards, it can occur in either one or both. The calf muscle and the affected foot can be smaller than usual.There may be difficulties in movement.

- Small incision to release the tight heel cord might be required

- Bracing will be required for up to three years

- Manipulation of the feet and cast application to achieve gradual correction

- Tendon transfer at the foot may be needed in cases of recurrence in an older child

Complications & Related Diseases
An abnormal walking pattern and foot pain due to the incorrect foot position might develop.

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