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Spinal Surgery | Meet the Best Spine Surgeons in Malaysia

Spine surgeon discussing an X-ray report with a patient at Gleneagles Hospitals

There is a broad range of spine problems and disorders that can be treated with conservative and non-surgical approaches. Patients often will be recommended to try physical therapy, home exercise, medication, and spinal injections prior to considering surgery.

A spinal surgery would be considered by a spine surgeon if a person is experiencing low back pain or neck pain and the issue is not solved with conservative approaches.

Spine Surgery Services at Gleneagles Hospitals

Spine health is paramount to overall well-being, and at Gleneagles Hospitals, a range of advanced surgical options are available to address diverse spinal concerns, ensuring patients regain their optimal quality of life. Leading spine surgeons at Gleneagles Hospitals are here to offer specialised care for these surgeries:

  1. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery: Minimally invasive spine surgery involves a small incision to stabilise vertebral bones, address spinal joint issues, and relieve pressure on spinal nerves caused by conditions like herniated discs, scoliosis, or spinal tumours.
  2. Scoliosis correction surgery: Scoliosis correction surgery, also known as a corrective spine osteotomy, is a procedure to address spinal deformities and restore spine stability. This surgery includes:
    • Posterior spinal fusion
    • Anterior spinal fusion
    • Growth modulation techniques, such as vertebral body tethering

    The corrective osteotomy alleviates pain, nerve compression, and fatigue by straightening the spine, leading to improved physical appearance and posture.

  3. Lumbar Discectomy: A lumbar discectomy is a surgical procedure used to treat herniated or slipped discs in the spine. During this surgery, the portion of the disc pressing on a nerve is removed, and it can be performed either as an open surgery or keyhole surgery.
  4. Decompression Laminectomy / Laminotomy: Decompression laminectomy, or laminotomy, is a surgical procedure to alleviate pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots caused by spinal stenosis. This condition results from the narrowing of the spinal canal, leading to pain, weakness, or numbness in the back, legs, arms, and neck.

    During this surgery, tissue and bone that are causing pressure on the spine are removed. It is also employed to address spinal injuries, herniated discs, and spinal tumours.

Spine Surgeons / Specialists at Gleneagles Hospitals

Gleneagles Hospitals is home to some of the top spine surgeons in Malaysia, skilled in addressing spinal disorders. Regular health screenings and checkups are crucial for early detection. Get in touch with us to book an appointment today.
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