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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (P&RS)


Plastic surgery is often thought of as cosmetic, however, this medical specialty also deals with the correction and even restoration of form and function of various parts of the body such as skin grafting for burns and reconstructive surgery of the hands.

Gleneagles Hospitals offers a wide range of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures including those listed below.

- All aspects of hand surgery including reimplantation, industrial injuries, congenital deformities, burns and tumours

- Breast surgery including augmentation, reduction, lift and reconstruction after breast cancer surgery

- Management of all types of burns including major cases and post burns deformity

- Treatment of skin cancers especially reconstruction after cancer ablation

- Tummy tuck and correction of post delivery weakness and scars, liposuction and body contouring including treatment after massive weight loss/reduction

- All major reconstruction after severe accidents and burns or cancer ablation for any part of the body including microsurgical reconstruction

- Cosmetic surgery including face lift, blepharoplasty(lid lift), rhinoplasty, injection of botox and fillers

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