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This specialty is a study and diagnosis of diseases through the examination of organs, tissue, bodily fluids and even full body autopsies. Pathologists are specialists who diagnose and examine samples and biopsies and interpret medical laboratory tests in order to diagnose, treat and even prevent.

Types of Pathological Services

At Gleneagles Hospitals, we provide some of the most comprehensive range of lab based diagnostic services such as below:

Medical Microbiology

The isolation of certain pathogenic microorganisms allows us to identify the main cause of illnesses. We also conduct antimicrobial susceptibility testing to help our patients in their therapeutic recovery process.

Chemical Chemistry

Our body's internal chemistry can affect a wide variety of functions. Accurately determining the levels of electrolytes, blood glucose, liver enzymes, cholesterol, uric acid, lipids as well as a wide variety of other substances can help us identify appropriate treatment options for our patients.

Histology and Cytology

Tissues, fluids and other samples hold a lot of information for our specialists and immunohistochemistry staining as well as conventional staining methods allow our team to make accurate diagnoses on a wide variety of conditions.


From blood film examinations or assessments to bone marrow, Gleneagles Hospitals offers a wide range of full panel blood tests as well as a variety of other immunohaematology exams.

Immunology and Serology

Our own immune system holds many secrets and these tests measure things such as hormone levels, viral antigens as well as antibody response and cancer markers.


The detection of chromosomal anomalies allows our pathology team to help identify specific genetic conditions in order to better propose therapies and treatment plans for our patients.

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