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Geriatric Care

This specialisation of medicine focuses on the health and care of the elderly. Geriatric specialists (geriatricians) help the elderly take care of their health by preventing and treating diseases that are unique to their needs.

In old age, the decline of various organ systems and functions become more apparent and geriatricians treat any disease present and find solutions to the effects of aging on the body. Geriatric medicine also concerns the functional abilities, independence and the quality of life of the elderly as some diseases and situations commonly seen in this age group such as dementia, delirium, and falls require specialised attention, medical and hospice care.


When it comes to your wellbeing especially in your golden years, Gleneagles Hospitals approve of any self referrals, doctor referrals or referrals from any other healthcare professionals as well as family members, friends and even carers.

Visitation Accompaniment is Encouraged

We at Gleneagles Hospitals encourage you to bring along some company for your visit such as family members, friends and/or carers.

Things To Bring

- Current medication (including those bought over-the-counter as well as herbal)

- Medication and allergy details

- Previous medical reports regarding past surgeries and/or illnesses

- Any lab, scan, x-ray results conducted by other facilities

Patient Preparation for Visit

Geriatric patients are advised by Gleneagles Hospitals to prepare medical, functional as well as mental and social histories for review. Our team of doctors, specialists and consultants will carry out a skilled evaluation and suggest the appropriate treatment and lifestyle plan. Depending on the results, some immediate treatment may be suggested in relation to any concerning health problems as well as optimisation of current conditions, review of medication as well as functional status and advice on wellness and ill-health prevention. Some diagnostic testing may also include blood panel exams, x-rays, scans as well as other referrals as necessary (physiotherapy[, dietetics, podiatrics, etc.)

Specialist Geriatric Conditions

Gleneagles Hospitals Geriatric specialists are especially suited for older individuals who experience one or more of these health issues:

- Chronic, multiple or complex medical problems

- Recurrent hospital admissions

- Multiple medications and experiencing side effects

- Recent-onset dependency (a reversible cause may be found)

- History of hip or vertebral (spine) fractures

- Difficulty performing daily activities

- Behavioural changes such as confusion or memory loss

- Unexplained falls, and gait and balance problems

- De-conditioning from acute or other illness

- Non-specific ill-health

- Nutritional issues including unexplained weight loss and vitamin deficiencies

- Bowel or bladder problem

Gleneagles Hospitals also offers a list of comprehensive geriatric assessments for other specialist related conditions such as dementia, osteoporosis, stroke, frailty as well as rationalising and reviewing medication, providing advice regarding immunisation in patients and other preventative and wellness services.

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