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Foot & Ankle Surgery


There are complex connections between disorders and deformities of the foot, ankle, hip and spine. Bunions, ankle arthritis, achilles tendon disorders and plantar fasciitis are some of the common foot and ankles disorders.

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Majority of the foot and ankle conditions do not require surgical treatments. However, when conservative approaches fail to alleviate symptoms, surgery is taken into consideration. Bunions, hammer toes, ankle arthritis, achilles tendon disorders and plantar fasciitis are the conditions that may need surgery. 

Surgeons and Podiatrist in Gleneagles Hospitals

In Gleneagles, our orthopedic, foot and ankle surgeons as well as podiatrist are experienced and skilled in specific foot and ankle surgery.

You may rest assured that your care is in good hands as our surgeons and podiatrists are at the forefront of training, bringing together advanced care practices and outstanding outcome to you.

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