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Breast Surgery Department

General surgeons at Gleneagles Hospital are also equipped with the capabilities and in-depth knowledge to treat patients with breast-related diseases. Breast surgery usually involves the removal of both cancerous and benign lumps as well as other foreign growths and medical prosthesis.

Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Team

Each individual breast cancer case is discussed by a multi-talented team who agree on a plan of action for the patient. Every advice given and route suggested is backed with real scientific evidence and studies.

Triple Diagnosis

When determining the decisive course of treatment for breast cancer patients, the entire diagnosis is broken into three sections:

- Clinical examination

- Imagery (mammogram and ultrasound)

- Pathology

Once the problem has been identified during the clinical or imagery stage, a sample of tissue is taken for the pathology stage. A biopsy will be performed with a small hollow needle, cutting and taking the core of the tissue out of the lump.

Combined with a radiologist, the procedure, while minimally invasive, provides an adequate amount of tissue to make an accurate diagnosis.

Once this is completed and the team has finished discussing all the three aspects of the diagnosis, a plan is formulated to help you manage your treatment.

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