The tonsils are two lymph nodes that are located on each side of the back of the throat that is associated with the immune system. When there is a threat to the immune system, it releases antibodies to fight bacteria that infects the mouth area. The infected tonsils can suffer from inflammation and become enlarged leading to Tonsilitis. 

Two types of tonsilitis includes:

-Acute tonsilitis that refers to the occasional tonsil infection

- Recurrent tonsilitis that refers to recurring tonsil infections


Tonsilitis is mainly affected by a viral infection. Streptococcus bacterium can also cause tonsilitis, a condition more commonly known as strep throat or a throat infection.   

- Abdominal pain in children

- Difficulty and pain when swallowing

- Fever and chills

- Headache

- Loss of voice

- Sore throat 

- Swollen lymph glands at the jaws and neck

- White spots of pus on tonsils

Treatment options depends on the cause of Tonsilitis and the state of condition. Your doctor will proceed to examine with a swab test on your throat to check for streptococcal bacteria, Alternatively, a full blood cell count to pin point the cause of the infection. Depending on the results of your tests, your doctor will suggest the treatment that is tailored just for you. 

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