Insulin Administration
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Insulin Administration


Insulin Administration is a procedure where the individual requires insulin injections daily entering the body because it is unable to produce insulin. Insulin is hormone that regulates blood glucose levels within the bloodstream that is secreted by the pancreas organ. Essentially, the pancrease helps to convert insulin into energy and stores it.

Patients that has Type 1 Diabetes suffer from no insulin because the pancreas cells cannot perform it's normal functions. Daily Insulin Administration is needed. Also, Type 2 Diabetics will require insulin if their body needs extra insulin.

Why do you need Insulin Administration?

If you are suffering from Type 1 Diabetes, you will require daily Insulin Administration to manage your blood glucose levels. Your doctor will suggest the dosage that is needed for your individual needs. Just the right amount of dosage is vital because an overdose of insulin can cause the blood sugar to reduce and this can lead to coma and in some cases, death.

Citrus Juices or table sugar is generally given to improve blood sugar levels. In the case of a coma, a glucose injection is needed to enter the blood stream. Inadequate dosage against an overdose of insulin dosage can induce the patient into a coma. An assessment of blood glucose levels is needed to separate the two types of comas. If the patient suffers from an overdose of insulin, there will be low levels of blood glucose. High levels of blood glucose can indicate the patient has a lack of insulin.

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