High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure


Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure which is a condition where the blood flow in the arteries that are higher than usual. This can progress to Atherosclerosis (accumulation of fatty deposits in the artery walls) that leads to other chronic issues such as a heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

The known causes of Hypertension has not been recorded in over an estimate of 95% of patients. For the remaining 5%, the cause of this can relate to kidney disease, atherosclerosis and hormonal imbalance. There are alternative causes that increases the risk of developing hypertension including diabetes, obesity, and strong history of high blood pressure.

Blood pressure changes over time depending on the type of activity, and some activites such as exercising or stress can lead to blood pressure to increase. However, these high blood pressure might not require medication attention. If high blood pressure persists, you should consult your doctor for treatment options.


Individuals who have Hypertension generally do not show any signs or symptoms. Although, this condition can damage organs eventually, these include:

- Headache and giddiness (in severe cases)

- Heart attack

- Heart failure

- Kidney disease

- Stroke


Treatment changes according to the severity of your condition. These may include:

- Lifestyle changes to improve your health in general

- Practicing a healthy and balanced diet

- Manage consumption of salt, cholesterol, and all fat types, and increase fibre intake)

- Avoid drinking too much alcohol

- Quit smoking - Managing blood pressure at home

- Get a regular check-up to monitor your condition and avoid any potential complications

For more severe cases, anti-hypertension medications might be prescribed and ensure taking it on a recommended dosage and schedule.

Complications & Related Diseases

- Heart disease (coronary heart disease)

- Heart failure

- Peripheral artery disease

- Renal failure

- Stroke

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