Gleneagles Hospitals offers Bronchoscopic procedures to visualise the airways of your larynx and lungs, allowing our specialists to accurately diagnose any abnormalities such as inflammation, tumours and other related respiratory and lung conditions which you may have and not know of. A Bronchoscope that is either rigid or flexible is inserted into the airways via the nose or mouth after the administration of conscious sedation (medication that makes one sleepy and relaxed) instead of general anaesthesia.

When is a Bronchoscopy recommended?

If you are experiencing a chronic cough that refuses to go away or are coughing up blood, our specialists would recommend a Bronchoscopy in order to get a better view of your airway interiors in order to more accurately evaluate your lung symptoms. This type of examination is also recommended when lung infections such as tuberculosis, or lung cancers and scarring of the lung is suspected following other diagnosis like X-ray examinations. If any abnormalities are suspected, the Bronchoscopy also allows tissue samples to be collected from the inside through a biopsy or bronchoalveolar lavage.

This procedure also offers a therapeutic purpose such as the removal of fluid or mucus as well as foreign objects that might have become lodged. A stent can also be used to widen narrowed airways and assist in the use of laser tumour removals.

Where is this treatment available?

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