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Cytopathology is a medical specialty that examines the cells from various body sites to determine the cause and nature of a disease. Medical specialists in this field curate samples and study them on a cellular level in order to propose the best next step of treatment.

Laboratory Operating Hours

Our techincal support and test analysis personnel are on duty 24/7, 365 days a year. Inpatient specimens are collected by our phelobotomist and technical staff throughout the hospital, while outpatient specimens are collected by our techincal suport personnel alone.

However, do take note that on weekends and during public holidays, blood samples will be collected at our Accident and Emergency unit.

Our Laboratory

We strive constantly perform every test as accurately and efficiently as possible, giving our patients clear and timely reports. Any concerns regarding the results will be throroughly discussed by our team and the analysis of specimens are conducted with the latest in medical cytopathology equipment.

Surgical and non-surgical cytopathological services include:

- Examinations of tissue

- Frozen sections

- Body fluid cytopathology

- Fine needle aspiration

- Liquid based cervical cytopathology

- Haemotology

- Transfusion medicine

- Immunology

- Serology

- Clinical chemistry

- Endorinology

- Microbiology

Our Specialists

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