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Cardiac Centre

The Heart of Healthcare

Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur (GKL) boasts an advanced cardiovascular centre, fully equipped with the latest technology, equipment and knowledged tailored to the need of patients and their families. For over 15 years, GKL has constantly delivered the most innovative and comprehensive cardiovascular care for patients with complex diseases related to the heart, blood vessels as well as circulatory system. The Center is further backed by prevention programmes, diagnosis and direct treatments.

Along with the latest equipment for investigative and surgical procedures, GKL Cardiac Centre is operational for 24 hours a day and also equipped with a standby cardiac catheterisation laboratory as well as the Stemi programme capable of catheterising heart attack victims in within 30 minutes.

Other Cardiac Care Services

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Advanced Heart Disease / Heart Failure

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Heart Transplant

Congenital Disorders

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Arrhythmia Programme

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Non-invasive Cardiology

Vascular Centre

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Dyspnea Centre

Ventricular Assist Device (Vad)


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