Delight in Every Bite

At Gleneagles Hospitals, we want to provide comfort to all our patients and boost their overall hospital experience. Patients at Gleneagles Hospitals can look forward to a new menu that has been carefully crafted to help them feel an element of ‘home’ in their meals while fulfilling their dietary requirements at the same time.

Extra Touch
of Comfort

Good food assists in recovery, uplifts one's spirit, mental and emotional wellbeing.

& Nutritious

We challenge the perception of ‘hospital food’ by offering a selection of meals that are flavoursome yet full of nutrients.


All dishes are inspired by Malaysian favourites and freshly prepared by in-house chefs at Gleneagles Hospitals.


Ingredients are locally sourced to ensure that they are at their optimum level of freshness and reduce carbon footprint.

New Inpatient Menu

Behind the Scene

The team of in-house chefs at Gleneagles Hospitals are trained by Chef Dato’ Fazley for the newly curated menu for patients.

Launch Event

Check out the launch of collaboration between Gleneagles Hospitals and Chef Dato' Fazley.

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