Chargeman A4

Application form for Chargeman A4

  • To ensure LV room and Genset is in good condition
  • To perform mechanical and electrical works.
  • Plan and perform preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance work as per standing operation procedures.
  • Check and inspect electrical facilities to ensure that they are effective and safe to be used for operation.
  • Check and inspect machines or equipment condition daily to ensure that they are effective and safe for usage.
  • Take meter reading for low tension to monitor the electrical consumption.
  • Assist to trouble shooting, electrical faults or problems, repairing, servicing, maintenance and installation works.
  • Assist to do maintenance service for air conditioning, firefighting system, cooling tower, water pump and vacuum pump.
  • Supervise external contractors works / service and monitor their performance.
  • To be on standby during emergencies
  • Chargeman A4 Certificate by Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission)
  • Independent, Pro-active, Able to work with team and independently
  • Able to work under pressure and in a fast changing environment


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