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LASIK Surgery


At Gleneagles Hospitals Kota Kinabalu, your doctor will first perform a series of eye exams in order to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Prior to surgery, we advise you to stop using makeup, perfume or lotion at least one day before in order to minimise the risk of infection.

LASIK Procedure

Firstly, anaesthesia in the form of eye drops will be administered to numb your eyes and ink marks will be placed by your surgeon to indicate where the corneal flap will be cut.

Then, an eye retainer will be placed over your eyelids in order to keep them open while a suction ring will be used to hold your eye still and create enough pressure to firm it up for laser cutting.

Next, a femtosecond laser will be sued to create a corneal flap in order toe xpose the inner corneal tissue, and an excimer laser removes said tissue to properly reshape the cornea. The outer corneal flap is then replaced.

Post Operation

Your vision will remain blurry the first few minutes after the procedure and a check-up will be scheduled in the first 24 hours. Patients scan expect to exprience clear vision 24 hours after the surgery.

The Do's and Don'ts After LASIK


Use sunglasses under sunny conditions

Use the eye shield during sleeping and napping

Stay away from crowded public places (after treatment) – best to stay at home


No swimming or any water sports (4 weeks)

Avoid soap or water getting into the eyes (7 days) – when washing your face, use a towel to clean and be gentle with the area around your eyes

No eye rubbing/squeezing/pressing/massaging (7 days)

No makeup or eye cream around the eyes (7 days)

Avoid contact sport or any other hazardous activities (7 days)

Avoid dusty, smoky or dirty environments as it may expose you to infections or allergens (7 days)

Be wary of babies’ and children’s fingers (7 days)

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