About Us

We are a premier tertiary care hospital at the heart of Iskandar Johor, with reputable experience in providing excellent global brands. Our presence includes hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore, India, China, Brunei, and Turkey. A short drive to the Causeway Link between Malaysia and Singapore, we are also conveniently located within minutes of Senai International Airport and the Puteri Harbour International Ferry Terminal. As part of our brand mission to deliver world-class healthcare to our patients, we are home to some of the latest technological marvels available in the region, including but not limited to treatment for cancer, heart surgery, trauma and injuries related to sports.

General description

Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor is committed to becoming the knowledge hub for all, from general practitioners (GPs), nurses, and ancillary services personnel to medical students. They intend to expand their learnings and deep dive into the best practice to elevate the standard and quality of healthcare.

Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor is proud to host a series of symposiums across the year by featuring our line-up of specialists covering various specialities and becoming the catalyst for the industry to grow together. Explore our symposium calendar and sign up today.

Gleneagles Hospital Kota Kinabalu
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Gleneagles Hospital Medini Johor
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